Influences Past and Future

After Sunday’s sermon on Samhain and ancestors, the most common comment I heard was that people would be spending some time thinking about what kind of ancestor they wanted to be.  This strikes me as a valuable spiritual exercise.  The most intriguing comment I heard was one person’s observation that while it was easy to see how his partner had been influenced by family history, it was much harder to see how he had.  Like a fish in water.  So interesting that we like to believe that in our uniqueness we are untouched by our history and environment.  Yet, those around us might disagree.

Last week’s exploration sent my mind down many paths.  It is often surprising to me how many thoughts I have in the course of the week that cannot make it into the sermon.  Sometimes it can seem overwhelming to choose a single course forward.  I have, however, learned that my refusal to make a choice simply brings everyone else along on my chaotic ride.  So, choose I must. The good news is that if I keep my notes, I have material for future years.

By the way, audio recordings for all sermons since the beginning of October are available on the First Unitarian website at  Click “Audio Sermons” under the “Worship” tab.  It is a goal to provide text also, but I’m not quite there yet.  Audio for the entire Installation Service held October 17, 2010 is also posted.

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3 Responses to Influences Past and Future

  1. Toni says:

    Thank you!

  2. rachel gardiner says:

    Having the audio of the sermons available (and posted quickly) is a tremendously valuable asset in our reaching the larger community, IMO. Thanks!

  3. Pax says:

    I must second what Rachel has said… as someone whose work and life schedules can often leave him attending Church at hours 18 or more of his day… the audio Sermons and the sound teams experimental site where audio and transcripts of many past Sermons are available is an invaluable tool for my spiritual practice and growth.


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