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Practicing Giraffe

Well, who knew…. Who knew that the people in the congregation I serve knew SO much about giraffes? I have long considered giraffes my favorite animal.  I told the children this on my first Sunday.  Then last Sunday, I introduced … Continue reading

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To Serve or To Lead

Over my years in ministry, I have developed the practice of avoiding the phrase “my congregation.”  Instead, I try to refer to “the congregation I serve.”  This both helps me keep my own perspective (I don’t own the congregation) and … Continue reading

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Feeding My Spirit

I have recently been receiving feedback that my ministry is making other people tired.  Interesting, but not really my intention.  The feedback usually comes after someone reads my monthly report to the Board of Trustees (Let’s face it, December is … Continue reading

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Last Sunday was a pondering sermon (text/audio here as “And a Balanced New Year”).  This is a sermon where I have an idea but need to look at it from various points of view because I am still considering it.  … Continue reading

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