You do your job. We’ll do ours.

In reviewing the start of my time at First Unitarian, one of the things for which I am grateful is summed up by a little story. A few weeks into my time here, there was a potluck getting acquainted lunch. As I was getting ready to leave that day, I stuck my head in the kitchen to thank those who had made it happen. In response to my thank you, someone, I honestly can’t remember who, said simply, “You do your job. We’ll do ours.”

And that is what I have found all along the way. In this partnership, everyone has a part to play. There are things that are especially mine to do. There are things that are especially someone else’s to do. I am not in this alone. None of us is in this alone. This can be seen as a deeply spiritual understanding of congregational life, of life itself… we do not, cannot, do this alone.

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2 Responses to You do your job. We’ll do ours.

  1. Raquel says:

    Applies to marriages/friendships, too.
    The balanced scale.

  2. Ken Lofgren says:

    This posting prompted me to wonder how often we are “doing our job”, or helping others in the church community, without even realizing it. I think we tend to underestimate the impact we have on others. Asking someone how they’re doing and then listening, paying attention, maybe at just the moment when that person really needed to be heard. Or sharing a life experience in an adult education class discussion that, unbeknownst to the speaker, serves to console someone in pain or is a catalyst for some change and growth for someone in the room.
    To all those who have helped me and taught me — often without even realizing it — thank you. Thanks for “doing your job”.

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