News of the Absurd

I admit it.  I spent the morning of May 21st planning for next year – blatantly confirming my disbelief in the impending rapture.  If anything, discussion of the end of the world by divine means had focused me on the work that needed to be done.

When I walked into the office yesterday morning, I learned that there was a phone message from Fox news asking for a comment on the rapture.  If they called back, I was asked, did I want to talk to them?  Sure, I said, why not?

I went into my office and spent a few minutes making sure I had a sound bite, just in case, and then proceeded with my day.  A little later, I was told that Fox was on the line, but because of “breaking news,” the reporter couldn’t talk to me right now.  Could I come to the studios the next day – the day of the rapture?  No, I said, a sound bite is one thing – a studio visit is another.

After a minute of reflection, I wondered what kind of breaking news would trump the rapture.  So I turned to my old friend Google.  Surely any breaking news would be instantly on the web.  And so it was that I learned that the breaking news in question was an out-burst in the courtroom of a certain high-profile local murder case which had resulted in the dismissal of a potential juror.

For a moment – OK, longer than a moment – I wasn’t sure what was more absurd.

And so I spent this morning, planning for next year, and the very real work that needs to be done to address the very real challenges of this world – the one I plan to wake up in tomorrow and for many days to come.   And I found, in spite of the challenges and absurdity, that I felt strangely blessed to be here.

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