More Agile Communication

Today, I wrote my last newsletter article. (This post is a modification of it and it will appear in the July newsletter.)

More and more, at First Unitarian (1U), we are becoming aware that our newsletter, The Oracle, is not an effective way of getting news out to the congregation. It is not read by a lot of people. Because of production schedules, it is often out-of-date before it is even published. We are looking for ways to communicate more effectively.

While I expect that The Oracle will meet its end of life within the next year, we do not have a definite date yet. We want to get a new website up first. We also want to review our other communication vehicles, particularly the weekly email update (aka “the eblast”), to make sure they can pick up the slack.

We live in changing times and we are working to adapt.

For my part, my commitment is to make better use of this blog. It has suffered a bit of an identity crisis and so I have not used it as often as I could. I often wonder whether I am writing for the congregation, the wider Unitarian Universalist (UU) world, or the broader (non-UU) community. This has slowed me down. I have a couple of thoughts about addressing that and, beginning in August, am committed to writing at least one entry a week “to the congregation.” This will take the place of my newsletter column. I will also continue to address sermon topics both pending and recent, as well as current events and other issues.

My blog, called “Growing in Place,” can be found at Clearly,  if you are reading this, you have found it somehow, but if you forget, my email signature, the eblast, and the 1U website all have links to it. I post links to new entries on my facebook page (In addition, you can “subscribe” to it so that you are automatically notified when it is updated.) I may consider putting direct links to congregation-related posts in the eblast. If I find that the identity crisis continues, I might create a second blog so that there is one for the congregation and one for other topics. However, I’d like to keep it all together if I can.

Communication is a major goal of mine for the coming year. It is high on the list for your Board and Program Coordinating Team (PCT) as well. I expect there will be lots of opportunities for input but you don’t have to wait for those. Let us know (respectfully, of course), what is working for you and what is not. Don’t be shy! Assume goodwill and let us know what will best help you to connect with the information and people you need and want at 1U!

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2 Responses to More Agile Communication

  1. Sandy Cawthern says:

    I vote for inclusion..thank you for being accessible!

  2. We are finding this to be the case at school, as well. Ah, time waits for no periodical.

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