No on Florida’s Amendment 6

Today I participated in a telephone press conference with Faith Voices Against Amendment 6.  Amendment 6 is a proposed amendment to the Florida Constitution that would dangerously limit women’s healthcare options.

Today’s press conference included Jewish, Catholic, and Protestant voices in addition to mine. I’ll have more to say about this over the next six weeks but my remarks today focused on the need for public policy to be broadly inclusive in our diverse society. Here is what I said:

I speak to you as a Unitarian Universalist minister serving a congregation in Florida.

One of the great gifts of American society is our rich diversity. This diversity means that people — including people of faith—will have different opinions on many issues.  Among those issues are parenting, pregnancy, and abortion.  Our diversity of opinions is OK.

Thankfully, we live in a country that respects each person’s right to their own beliefs. Freedom of thought and speech are core principles of our American democracy, firmly protected by our Constitution. Those freedoms are critical to our ability to live together in peace and prosperity in a land with so many perspectives.  Our diversity of opinions is OK.

What’s not OK is when one group tries to impose their views on everyone else.

What’s not OK is when one group among us seeks to limit the freedom of individuals from other groups – particularly the critical freedom to make choices according to their own faith and conscience.

What’s not OK is when one group tries to make their views the law of the land.

Amendment 6 would do just that: it would write one particular religious perspective into the Florida Constitution, interfering with a woman’s ability to get the healthcare that is right for her.

While people of faith will have different perspectives on important issues such as parenting, pregnancy, and abortion, we are agreed that these are important issues.  They are deeply important and deeply personal issues that need to be made with counsel from family and health providers and according to ones’ faith. 

Our public policy must ensure that, when these important decisions made, women have safe and legal access to all the health care choices needed.  Only then will true freedom of conscience exist.  Only then can we live fully into the promise of our democracy.

Thank you for helping to defeat Florida Amendment 6.

Thank you for helping to preserve women’s rights and health, as well as religious freedom, in Florida.

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5 Responses to No on Florida’s Amendment 6

  1. Mary Ellen Mayo says:

    Amen…I am very proud to call you my minister.

  2. George H says:

    Good job! . . . Well thought out. Read the OS article. If we don’t get some control of the zealots, the next amendment will require belief in Jesus to earn a tax subsidy.

  3. If you are talking about abortion just say it. Cloaking it in “women’s healthcare”” is just sneaky and cowardly.

    • Rev. Kathy says:

      I do, in fact, use the word abortion in my remarks, Silly Girl. Also, as I said, it was in the context of a press conference in which I had an idea what other speakers would say. One of them touched on a major problem with the proposal which is that it does not include an exception for when continuing the pregnancy would put the woman’s health at risk. It really is, in my opinion, a women’s healthcare issue.

  4. Rev. Kathy says:

    My October 21, 2012 sermon “Difficult Decisions” deals with issues surrounding Amendment 6 in more depth. The audio and text can be found on the sermon archive page of the 1U website. Go to Under the “Worship” tab, choose “Sermon Archives.” The audio starts with the Words for All Ages. The reading begins at 3:20. The 22 minute sermon starts at 11:39.

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