Health & Abundance

My favorite Thanksgiving image is the cornucopia. For me, it is a beautiful symbol of health and abundance. One of the things that I love about it is that it is simple, just a wicker cone overflowing with vegetables and fruits in their natural form.

Life can so easily become overcomplicated. As we take time to express our gratitude this year, I hope that we will look beyond the noise and clutter, the commercialism and hype, that too often crowd our days. I hope that we will remember that many of the things that matter most are really quite simple.

Many of us wrestle daily with life’s challenges such as health, finances, or relationship concerns. Whether these are issues in our own lives or in the lives of those we care about, they can dampen our spirits and make it hard to get in touch with joy and gratitude. And yet, getting in touch with joy and gratitude may be just what we need to lighten our spirits and to give us the hope and courage to go on.

In spite of tendencies toward sentimentality, a national holiday of giving thanks is a good reminder to count our blessings. At its best, its effects will not last for just one day, but rather will serve as a sort of reset to our spirits, calling us back again to the practice of gratitude. My wish would be that we would each make touching joy and gratitude a daily practice, as important to our well-being as eating and sleeping.

However you celebrate, and wherever, and with whomever, may your hearts be lifted by an awareness of life’s simplest and more enduring gifts.

Much Love,

Rev. Kathy

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One Response to Health & Abundance

  1. Edward Schmitz says:

    Thank You Reverend Kathy.

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