The Day after the Zimmerman Verdict

To meet newsletter deadlines, I typically choose sermon topics & titles 4-6 weeks in advance. When I looked ahead to July 14, I knew we would be nearing a verdict in the trial of George Zimmerman, accused of murdering Trayvon Martin. Since I serve in Central Florida, not far from Sanford, I picked a related topic, so that if needed I could quickly adapt.

Little did I know how close the verdict would come to the time of the sermon.

My advertized topic was Michelle Alexander’s book, The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness.

All week, I followed the precedings and thought about Sunday.  The jury began deliberations Friday afternoon.  Saturday evening, I went to a small group dinner at the home of congregation members. One person was there without her partner,  a photographer working the case. I followed the twitter feed of a congregation member reporting on the case. Just as we were about to break for the evening, we learned there was a verdict and turned on the TV.

I am surprised how  surprised I was given that I had had lots of time to consider the 3 possible outcomes.

I’ll have more to say, but for now, Here is a link to the resulting sermon that merged the planned topic with the acquittal.

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