Home and Belonging – For Reflection

How do you know when you are “home?” What makes you feel like you belong?

I invite yJustice & Peace Heartou to a day of reflection on these questions.

#30DaysOfLoveAndReflection Day 1, January 19, 2015

Introduction to 30 Days of Love and Reflection

My reflection:

I feel at home when I walk into a place and it feels familiar. I recognize my surroundings, even if I haven’t been that particular place before. I understand what is expected of me and I know what I can expect of others. I feel understood and accepted.

Recently, I attended an event in another Unitarian Universalist congregation. It was out in the country, surrounded by horse pastures, and as I approached I found myself thinking, “I am definitely not in downtown Orlando anymore!” I felt out of my element – until I walked through the door. Inside, I forgot about the world outside. I saw lots of posters and images that I recognized. I saw people in my demographic, dressed similarly to me. I heard music and words that were familiar. I felt at home.

I also feel at home whenever I go to visit New Hampshire, where I was raised and where my mother and one brother still live. There is something about the geography and the people that gives me a sense of groundedness. Even though I am very happy to live in Central Florida at this point in my life, there is something about the land of my childhood that still says home.

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2 Responses to Home and Belonging – For Reflection

  1. George Hooper says:

    For sixteen years, Kay and I lived in an RV and traveled around the USA and Canada—often moving every two weeks. As we visited town after town, one of our goals was to find the perfect place to eventually call “home”. After staying in hundreds of towns, in every state and province, we determined that “home” for us would NOT be in a city and NOT a home-owner community—Preferably a place with seasons and leaves that change color.

    Yet, here we at home in an Orlando HOA community, just a few minutes away from two of our children, their spouses and several wonderful grandchildren. It seems that it just took us a bit longer than most to realize that “home” is not a place—It’s people and family with a loving connection.

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