Platinum & Gold – For Reflection

Do unto others as they would have you do unto them.
-The Platinum Rule

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.
-The Golden Rule

Which do yJustice & Peace Heartou find more helpful?

I invite you to a day of reflection on these questions

#30DaysOfLoveAndReflection  – Day 5

Introduction to 30 Days of Love and Reflection

My Reflection

I became a fan of the Platinum Rule many years ago after a friend explained what happens in her home when someone is sick. It turns out that Susan likes to be fussed over when she is sick. However, her husband, Tony, likes to be left alone when he is sick.

If Susan follows the Golden Rule when Tony is sick, he will be annoyed.

If Tony follows the Golden Rule when Susan is sick, she will be disappointed.

Of course, there is the problem of knowing what the other wants, and this takes being in right relationship. So, I guess I start with the Platinum Rule and if I can’t follow that, then I move to the Golden Rule.

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2 Responses to Platinum & Gold – For Reflection

  1. Nancy Wileden says:

    Your example illustrates the value of the platinum rule neatly. I get a little bogged down however, wondering if ,in some situations, following the platinum rule could equal enabling. As you said, it is important to understand the other person and to treat each as a unique individual.

    • Rev. Kathy says:

      Good point, Nancy. Thanks!

      I’ve always wondered what one does if someone one wants you to treatment as ruler of the universe. Clearly, the Platinum Rule has it’s limits. Guess we need a broad tool kit for our human relationships.

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