Improving the World – For Reflection

Anne Frank (German-Jewish diarist, 1929-1945), wrote:
How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world.

So often we wait until we have all the answers, or at least more info, before we act for good. What good can you do without waiting a single moment?

Justice & Peace Heart

I invite you to a day of reflection on this question.

#30DaysOfLoveAndReflection – Day 25

Introduction to 30 Days of Love and Reflection

My Reflection

So the question I added after the quote really exposed my own “stuff.” I can be a data collector. I want to know more, in fact everything, before I act so that I don’t make a mistake. I do believe that I have gotten better at this over time. I have realized that life is sufficiently complicated that complete knowledge is rarely possible. I am learning to make my best guess at correct action while trying to be open to new knowledge that might show me a better way or even prove me wrong.  I have also admitted that not to make a decision is, in fact, to make a choice. I still like data, but now I can act for a better world, knowing that revelation continues to unfold.

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