CF100: 2015 11 04 – Sea Level Rise and Electioneering

Each week the Orlando Sentinel asks two questions of 100 community leaders in Central Florida. Those with access to the online Sentinel can read all of this  week’s 100-word responses here. For those without access, here are my responses.

What was the biggest story of the week?

Florida is home to 40% of the US population to be impacted by rising sea levels resulting from Climate Change. Reductions in our fossil fuel dependency can help in some areas. Findings published in the October Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences report it may already be too late in other areas, for example Miami and New Orleans. models what will happen to the Florida coastline if we take no steps to conserve. It also shows what will happen even if we take extreme measures.  When will we be willing to plan for a more sustainable future?

What will be the biggest story in the coming week?

Our local elections are over but we still face a year of national electioneering. While some among us delight in the entertainment value of the circus that passes for politics, others are embarrassed or disgusted. In a land with abundant resources of many kinds, we need substantive debate about how we use those resources for the common good. Unfortunately, our public discourse too often degenerates into personal attacks and sink holes of no consequence. Over the next year, can we focus our attention on matters that will help bring about a society in which we are truly proud to live?

The series focuses on state and local news.

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