CF100: 2016 06 12 – Rape Consequences & Yard Signs

Each week the Orlando Sentinel asks two questions of 100 community leaders in Central Florida. Those with access to the online Sentinel can read all of this week’s 100-word responses. For those without access, my responses are below. Selected responses appear in the Sunday edition while the on-line comments are available a day or two before. I’m looking into why some weeks, like this one, my piece doesn’t even show up in the online version.

What was the biggest story of the week?

Campuses, including those in Central Florida, are working diligently on the important issues of sexual harassment and assault. Headlines highlight the challenges. What is the message when raping an unconscious woman behind a dumpster yields an effective slap on the wrist? When the impact on the victim is minimized? When the perpetrator’s father refers to his son’s actions as “20 minutes of activity?” When prosecutors ask for 6 years and instead the 20-year-old star swimmer at Stanford gets six months? When we know a less privileged rapist would have gotten more? We, as a society, can do better than this!

What will be the biggest story in the coming week?

Yard signs for November will start popping up now that numbers show the presumptive presidential nominees for the two major parties. While there are still platforms to work out, VPs to pick, and conventions to hold, the conversation is finding a new focus. Florida will be a key voice in determining the kind of future we want. I, for one, want a country with full equality and deep appreciation for the gifts of our pluralistic society. I want of society in which reason and respect are valued and displayed regularly in our civil discourse. Is this too much to ask?

The series focuses on state and local news.

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