Doha, Qatar – Arrival

So here we are in Doha, Qatar where, at 8 pm, it is 98 degrees (feels like 120). The 12-hour flight was smooth with reasonable sleep and wonderful service. Qatar Airline does its food according to Muslim tradition and we had a number of vegan options available so signed up for different ones just for fun. We had dinner when we boarded and then woke up to breakfast. I think we were flying above the border between Iran and Iraq at the time. All meals were quite good.

We had arranged for our hotel to pick us up at the airport. A wonderful choice in a new city. Fun to watch the interesting lights along the way. Tall lamp poles with Arabic script all the way up… in changing colors. Couldn’t get a picture that did justice (so here’s a picture by someone else) Lots of people out on the streets of the city as we drove in… but I did not see a single woman after we left the airport. In the airport women were in western dress and burkas and everything in between. 

Now we are settled in our home for two night Qatar Palace Hotel. Moderate price, just right for us, and near the market we hope to check out in the morning. But now, to sleep and try to adjust to a time zone 7 hours ahead of home.

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