Johannesburg, South Africa – Arrival

After a smooth eight-hour flight, we have arrived in Johannesburg,  South Africa. It is an exciting time as elections were yesterday and results are still rolling in. Our taxi driver was quite a talker and was not the least bit shy about sharing his perspective. A 44-year-old black man who grew up in Soweto (the Township we will visit tommow), he is a strong supporter of the ANC. Campaign signs are still up all over. (Photos added after initial post. Haven’t figured out how to resize on the device I am traveling with. Sorry.)

So far, election results are close.

We are staying our first two nights in Melville, described as a bohemian suburb popular with students and home to many shops and restaurants. Our guest house, Mi Pi Chi, is modern with a zen feeling…. but we have only a small portable room heater and it is not doing the job. It is 46° F headed for an overnight low of 38°F. It’s winter here, though days will get up to high 60s low 70s.

We seem to be adjusting to the time change.  (We are currently 6 hours ahead of the US Eastern time zone.) Hopefully,  arriving well in advance of our organized tour, we will be in good shape when that begins on Sunday.

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