Baobab Lodge – Arrival

Sunday, August 7, 2016 

This morning we met our tour group (14 Americans counting us) and flew less than 2 hours to   Zimbabwe. There, after a long line at immigration, we met our guide for the next 2 weeks, Bex, and our driver, Last, both from Zimbabwe.  

We drove 3 hours to our 1st camp, which is just to the west of Chobe National Park in northeast Botswana. Although it was just a transit ride, we did see wildlife…. starting with A GIRAFFE!!! about 30 minutes outside the airport. (I may have squealed.) We also saw several herds of elephants, lots of impala, sable antelopes, wart hogs, southern ground hornbills, marabou storks, buffalo, and a baboon.

When we arrived at the camp nestled on a hillside, we were welcomed with singing and a beverage. As we walked into the open air dining room the sun was just setting over the flood plan, across which we could see Chobe River with Namibia on the other side.  It was breathtaking. 

(Add Photo: Picture of sunset, Char has) 

Some orientation, settling in, dinner, and it is time for sleep. 

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