First Wildlife Drive

​Monday, August 8, 2016

Best night sleep of the trip so far.  Woken by a beating drum at 6 am. Breakfast at 6:30 and set out on first wildlife drive at 7. 

We drove for several wonderful hours, which included a journey of giraffes with a young one. Cold first thing in the morning then warmed to a beautiful day. Only a few new animals… waterbuck, zebra, kudu, and lots of birds. (Sorry birders, I can’t name them all. My favorite is the Lilac-Breasted Roller.) Gorgeous views across the Chobe River into Namibia.

We came back to camp for brunch and siestas. Tea at 3 was followed by a trip to a nearby village where we visited a home, a women’s basket weaving  cooperative, and a bar. We chatted with the woman who runs the bar with her husband. She is a 5th grade teacher like one of our group members so that was fun. 

On the way home we drove along the river and our guides surprised us with a lovely set of refreshments on the river bank. We watched the sun set over a herd of zebras. On the drive home we saw more of the elephants that Chobe is known for.

We barely made it through our delicious dinner before we were ready to head to bed.

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