Hippos in the Delta

Wednesday,  August  10, 2016

Up at 5 am to travel to the Kasane airport. (Thought we might have WiFi in the airport but it was out today so couldn’t post. Did see US headlines for the first time in 3 days. Election. Olympics. Sigh. Back to the bush.) 

We flew to the Okavango Delta and our home for the next 3 nights, Banoka Camp.  We watched animals from the air and then, after landing on the clay airstrip, drove a while in our jeeps to have morning coffee & tea while overlooking a hippo habitat.

We had a tour of the area with our local guides. It is quite different in landscape and fauna from last camp. At one point we could see hippos,  elephants,  giraffes,  buffalo, crocodile,  antelope, and… birds all at the same time.

Challenge of the morning was seeing an injured hippo. Our guides said he was a young male (1 year?) whose mother was trying to wean him and so had hurt him to make him go away. (Let’s not do that.) They estimate his chance of survival at 50-50.
We eventually made our way to the camp itself for lunch. Now I am sitting on our tent deck watching a herd of elephants until we go out for another ride later this afternoon.

We had a talk about Zimbabwe before heading out for our afternoon drive, which featured more hippos and other animals. Only new sightings were birds. Enjoyed “sundowners” (drinks and snacks) in the bush before coming back for yet another wonderful dinner. We are feeling very well fed.

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