​Thursday, August 11, 2016

Long wildlife drive today, 7am – 4pm. This allowed us to explore an area further from where we are staying… and we saw 2 hyenas lounging outside their den, 4 female lions resting in the bushes having recently eaten (their mouths were red),  and a leopard sleeping under a bush. We were startling close to all of them and apparently in no danger in our open sided jeeps… I trust our guides are committed to keeping us safe. 

As we see some of the animals we have seen before, we learn more about them and notice new details. Although we are not in the desert, we are driving in Kalahari sand, which is very fine and makes for some interesting driving… and almost getting stuck. Being in the Delta there is more water, which we sometimes drive through.

This evening we had a presentation/discussion about animal-human conflict. The complexity of protecting the wildlife here (which I consider a global treasure) while also ensuring that farmers can tend their fields and animals in safety, echoed debates from home, and provided interesting  perspectives. 

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