(Note: Internet connections are hard to come by so I am writing each day to post when possible. The 6 posts before this one were originally posted as we crossed the border leaving Botswana -immigration office had open WiFi – go figure.). I had only a few minutes so posted them out of order. I think that, as I post this, I have figured out how to keep things in order. Not even trying to do pictures at this time. But there will be plenty.)

​Saturday, August  13, 2016

Today was a transit day. First, a jeep to the airstrip to fly back to Kasane. Then a bus to the Zambezi River (at the point where 4 countries meet) which we crossed in a small boat, leaving Botswana and arriving in Zambia. There we boarded another bus to Livingstone,  where we visited a local market before taking another flight. 90 minutes in small planes took us to an airstrip by Kafue National Park. After a short jeep ride, we settled into our new “tents” on the banks of the Kafue River.

In Zambia, unlike Botswana, we can do evening wildlife drives, using spotlights. White light is used to watch for the eyes of the animal and then, were we to see something, we would switch to red. They explained the step taken minimize impact on the animals. We didn’t find anything using the light but before the sunset we saw a serval (a smaller cat not often seen), a honey badger, and some scrub hare. 
Now, as we head to sleep, we are listening to the sounds of hippos splashing and grunting in the nearby river. The hippo trail adjacent to our little porch reminds us to heed staff warnings never to go out at night without a staff member.

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