​Tse Tse Flies

Sunday, August 14, 2016

So, Zambia has Tse Tse flies. They are only active during the day. They seem like the green flies at Crane’s Beach in Massachusetts… or like a trim biting house fly. In the park, we are not at risk for sleeping sickness because there are no cattle and the complex life cycle of the sickness requires it to go through cattle. So that’s good. They can still be annoying and ouchy.  The jeeps have a special burner attached to the front into which elephant dung is put and then lit on fire. The smoke keeps the flies away… and does not smell as bad as you would think… as it mostly consist of grass.  (Also, elephant dung is everywhere.)

After siesta today, we gathered to learn about some of the items that our guide, Bex, had picked up at the market yesterday. He had given one item to each of our 7 men with instructions to find out about them, which they did from camp staff. Each of our gentlemens (sic) did a little presentation about what their item was, where it came from, and how it is used. Items included primarily local fruit, nuts, and beans. We sampled those appropriate and Bex chimed in to say how it was used when he was growing up. Very interesting.

Charlie (and several others) skipped the evening drive. He is still feeling a bit funky after yesterday’s second airplane ride. The highlights of the evening were a talk on termites (mounds are everywhere) and watching two leopard cubs.

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