On the River

Monday, August 15, 2016

This morning, just as we were called to breakfast, an elephant decided to visit our camp, wandering briefly between the main building and the boma (the outdoors eating area where we have breakfast). It wandered off and hung out in front of a group member’s tent, keeping him inside awhile, just a bit late for breakfast. 

This morning instead of a jeep drive we explored the river by boat. Lots of hippos, crocodiles, and abundant birds. My favorite is the malachite kingfisher.  A tiny version of the bigger bird. Brightly colored. Whole morning was peaceful and beautiful. 

Toward the end of siesta I sat out on the porch of our tent. Splashing alerted me to two elephants swimming on the otherside of the river. It was quite deep and they sometimes completely submerged. Then monkeys came to play in a nearby tree.

For “Learning & Discovery” today,  we had a talk about Zambian history (independence in 1964) & culture (Direct eye contact with elders is rude.). Although the official language is English, 74 languages are spoken here. Results of the national election held several days ago have just been announced. The encumbant 5th president was reelected.

We learned about the uses of the brightly colored cloths worn by the people of Zambia. Bex had bought each of the women a piece of cloth at the market so we got to try our hands at tying them on our bodies and heads. Pepper was the model when we were shown how to carry a baby.

We ended the day with a sunset cruise before dinner and drumming and dancing after dinner.

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