Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Today we transferred from Zambia to Zimbabwe (once, under British rule,  known as North and South Rhodesia respectively). Jeep to airstrip. Small planes to Livingstone (where we dropped off a group member who had taken a fall last night to be checked by a doctor. She tripped over the fire pit as we danced during the goodbye celebration. It was her 57th wedding anniversary.  She seems to have some bruised ribs and needs ro take it easy for a few days. She caught up with us later in the day. )

We went through Zambian immigration and then walked across the bridge over the Victoria Falls gorge. The water is quite low in this dry season.  Unfortunately,  I was more interested in the view than my feet and tripped over a curb onto gravelly pavement. I have impressive road rash on my right knee and random scrapes and punctures on both hands, an elbow, and a foot. All cleaned up and medicated thanks to my travel companions. Just a little sore around the edges.

After passing game through Zimbabwe immigration, we boarded a new bus. We stopped at a grocery store. We’re each given $5 (they use US money here) and an item to buy… written in the language of our guide. When I asked for help, I made the social faux pas of jumping right to my question rather than first inquiring about how the store employee was doing. She makedly corrected me. The market was not remarkably different from home in many ways. Same sorts of sections and some recognizable brands.

English is the official language here, though not most people’s first language.  Charlie and I bought cornmeal. All our groceries are gifts for the village we will visit tommow.

Two hours by bus, then 30 minutes by jeep brought us to our new home for three nights: Kashawe Camp in Hwange National Park. Along the way we drove through a coal mine… open pit. This is a major economic source for the country… but ewww.

We settled in and had a short drive to watch the sunset during appetizers. Lovely. Very different terrain. Hills and rocky. Sooo dry. Saw a white backed mongoose on the way back to camp. As we head to bed we are listening to lions roar. Life is good.

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