Victoria Falls

Friday, August 19, 2016

Today,  on our way out of the bush, we stopped at a village school supported by the tour company we are traveling with. 800 students from pre-school through 7th grade. 22 teachers and staff. We learned about the Zimbabwean education system, visited the computer lab with 27 workstations provided by the tour company, heard some students sing, and visited with a 7th grade class. Delightful! Most students are on break but 7th graders are preparing for their national exams so were present.

On the 2 hours bus ride from the school to Victoria Falls,  Bex tried to teach us to say some words in Ndebele, his native language, which involves clicking. So hard to do but interesting… and rather amusing to try.
We had lunch at the entrance to the Victoria Falls scenic walkway and then spent 2 hours wandering through the 15 view points. Stunning. Because it is “dry” the falls are not as impressive as other times, which is hard to imagine,  but…  we could see them. Sometimes there is too much mist.

After dinner we had a performance by an a capella men’s group… and Bex was one of the 7 singers. They were excellent!
At dinner, some of our group members tried the warthog.  We did not. We did indulge in birthday cake… it being Charlie’s day and all.

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One Response to Victoria Falls

  1. Matt says:

    Hsppy Birthday Charlie. What an amazing place to celebrate it! Have fun with your adventures in Africa!

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