Satyagraha House

​Today was the end of our organized tour (Ultimate Africa with Overseas Adventure Travel). We started the day with a very interesting talk about David Livingstone, his explorations, and his work to end the slave trade. 

On our way to the airport, we stopped by the home of our guide for the last 2 weeks and met his beautiful (and tolerant) family…his wife and 3 daughters (2 teens and a toddler) as well as his mother who happened to be visiting from South Africa and two cousins visiting for school holiday. We saw their current home and the expansion underway and the many fruit trees in the front yard and the chickens in the backyard.  We also met the two dogs… one of which is a Rhodesian Ridgeback… and Zimbabwe used to be Rhodesia, so there’s that.

We flew from Victoria Falls back to Johannesburg.  4 group members are continuing on a trip extention to Cape Town. 6 have headed home. 4 of us are spending the night in Jo’berg. Charlie and I are staying at Satyagraha House.  ( The house where Mahatma Gandhi lived in 1908 has been turned into a small museum with guestrooms added around a beautiful courtyard. Our vegetarian dinner this evening was served in the original house where we enjoyed conversation with 2 young women (sisters) from France… one of whom currently works in for UNICEF in South Sudan.

Here is our room looking out at the courtyard and original house.

Here is Gandhi’s attic bedroom as set up in the museum today.

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