Home… sort of

I am back in my usual time zone but not yet in Orlando. I am in my hometown of Amherst, NH enjoying time with my Mom and other family until I go to my last Entrepreneurial Ministry retreat/intensive next Monday. (This will wrap up two years of a terrific program sponsored by our UU Minister’s Association and UUA.)

The travels have been exciting and recharging and I am grateful. I am pleased to have time to ramp back up slowly so I have time to integrate the experiences. Thanks for following along… and now I will let this blog transition out of travel mode and back to its normal uses… though maybe I will be a little more attentive to it than I have been… we’ll see.



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One Response to Home… sort of

  1. jspdq1 says:

    The postings have been just delightful! Brought back many fond memories – as well as places we missed that I would love to have experienced. One of which was NOT the zip over the gorge! !

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