CF100: 2017 02 19 – Jacksonville & The Fall of a Regime

Each week, the Orlando Sentinel asks two questions of 100 community leaders in Central Florida. Those with access to the online Sentinel can read all of this week’s 100-word responses when there are published online,  usually late Saturday. For those without access, my responses are below. Selected responses appear in the Sunday print edition.

What was the biggest story of the week?

Congratulations to the supporters of justice and equality in Jacksonville. Years of effort have finally resulted in an updated Human Rights Ordinance in their city. Sexual orientation and gender identity and expression have now been added to the ordinance which had previously banned discrimination in employment, housing, and public accommodations (such as stores and restaurants) based solely on race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability, marital status, or familial status. As the largest city in Florida, the 12 to 6 vote sends a clear message for the future of our state… A message that all people are welcome here!

What will be the biggest story in the coming week?

When and how will the current regime fall? Not will it, but when and how. When will those in positions to take action admit what is right before their eyes? Think there’s no issue? Investigate and be sure! There is also the question of which of a myriad of challenges will take it down … the Russia connection, unresolved conflicts of interest, gross incompetence, or concerns about mental health.  The question for Central Florida is, “will our lawmakers do the right thing?” Will they investigate and demand accountability? Will they represent the best interests of the people and our nation?

The series focuses on state and local news.

Read the Sentinel’s introduction to the series

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1 Response to CF100: 2017 02 19 – Jacksonville & The Fall of a Regime

  1. jspdq1 says:

    Gutsy comments for next week, Kathy! Keep up the good work. . .

    Jean Siegfried

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