CF100: 2017 05 07 – Lifting Up Progressive Values

Each week, the Orlando Sentinel asks two questions of 100 community leaders in Central Florida. Those with access to the online Sentinel can read all of this week’s 100-word responses when there are published online,  usually late Saturday. For those without access, my responses are below. Selected responses appear in the Sunday print edition.

What was the biggest story of the week?

No offering this week.

What will be the biggest story in the coming week?

It’s time to turn to the future and lift up what a progressive world view can offer our community and the world. The Resistance has been relentless and, this week’s major step backwards on healthcare notwithstanding, it is clear that much of current leadership’s dangerous rhetoric will not become policy. Progressive activists now pivot to engage those newly activated in Central Florida in advocacy for the best that we can become. We must articulate a compelling vision of a peaceful, just, and sustainable world for everyone, for only in that world will we find the unity we seek.

The series focuses on state and local news.

Read the Sentinel’s introduction to the series

Read my first post on the series.

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