Otherwise Occupied

What a strange time to be otherwise occupied. So many things are in play that would normally be getting my attention… the White Supremacy conversation in our country, plans for the beginning of a new church year, the completion of our major campus renovation, preparations for the launch of our new Bending the Arc Institute: A Learning Community for Social Engagement, which been in the planning stages for 4 years, and management of the $10,000 grant we recently received from the Contigo Fund for the purpose of creating a community-wide Cultural Competency program for community groups desiring to deepen these skills in a post-Pulse Orlando. Phew!

I still recognize all these things as important and tend to them through email and facebook as I can. However, I recognize that right now they are not the most important thing for me. Right now, the most important thing for me is being with Mom. Even though I am completely clear about my priorities, the shift in focus has a surreal feel to it. I’m finding the hospice journey strange enough, with a mix of good days and challenging days, which give me the sense of being on a slow moving roller coaster… with a unspecified end.

So I think about many things including how we set our priorities, and the many factors that influence them, and how others might set their priorities differently, in ways we might not understand, especially if we do not know all that is going on in their worlds. And I hope I will remember all this down the road, when I find myself challenged by the choices of another. And I hope I will remember my right and my responsibility to make the choices that are right for me.


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