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Sorry You Are Feeling Cranky

I have just spent a wonderful week with a three and a half year old.  I don’t do this every week so it is a special treat and a reminder of how lovable, imaginative, and, oh yes, energetic they can … Continue reading

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You do your job. We’ll do ours.

In reviewing the start of my time at First Unitarian, one of the things for which I am grateful is summed up by a little story. A few weeks into my time here, there was a potluck getting acquainted lunch. … Continue reading

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As I write, I am on the Monterey peninsula in California mid-way through the “Institute for Excellence in Ministry.” From where I sit, I can see the Pacific Ocean and a good number of the nearly 400 other Unitarian Universalist … Continue reading

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To Serve or To Lead

Over my years in ministry, I have developed the practice of avoiding the phrase “my congregation.”  Instead, I try to refer to “the congregation I serve.”  This both helps me keep my own perspective (I don’t own the congregation) and … Continue reading

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