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Call to Prayer

Jetlag and excitement provided me the opportunity to hear the first Muslim Call to Prayer of the day (at 3:40 am, an hour and 20 minutes before sunrise). Our room has a Qur’an and a prayer rug. On the plane … Continue reading

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Abiding in Peace

After almost 20 years of marriage, it is nice to know that there are still new things to try and to learn. Last weekend, Charlie and I attended a silent meditation retreat together. From Friday evening at 7:30 until noon … Continue reading

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What’s Your Question?

Yesterday was the annual Question Box service. Titled, What’s Your Question?, it was described this way: This morning Rev. Kathy will use the time typically dedicated to the sermon to address questions from the congregation. Everyone will have an opportunity … Continue reading

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Brahma-Vihara or Heavenly Abodes

In worship last Sunday, I talked about equanimity,  one of the 4 Brahma-Vihara in the Buddhist tradition. Several questions after the service made me think that more than one person would appreciate having the list. Here it is, with descriptions of … Continue reading

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Was it a ‘Spiritual Experience?’

I happened across one of the short reflections I wrote after my 2006 sabbatical in India. It seemed to fit with the focus for worship this Sunday, which is the goal of world community as articulated in our 6th Unitarian … Continue reading

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The Divine and the Material World

Sunday’s service at First Unitarian Church of Orlando was on Paganism and Compassion. It is part of a series looking at compassion from various perspectives. Preparing for it got me thinking about how different people perceive the relationship between the … Continue reading

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A Commonwealth of Love

Suppose we try to bring about a Commonwealth of Love… create a society centered on the public well-being or common welfare.  Suppose we did that and our guiding principle was love.  Suppose… Creating a Commonwealth of Love is not a … Continue reading

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